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You can only get to know a country by meeting its locals. May I introduce you to STG d´Boss, a local from Zimbabwe.

A rapper on his way to find happiness

“I bought myself one then she bought the next ones”. This is one of the lines of his first album “Wasted” that he released.  Steward, 21 years old, born and raised in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, is a rapper. He had a tough childhood and past. His parents passed away when he was still very young and because of this, abuse, suffering, and having to face hunger almost every day of his life were issues he had to deal with. Stew chose rapping as a way to express what touched him- to say what was (and still is) going on with him.

From singing in a choir to rapping

It all started at the age of 10. That´s when they saw his talent in school and that´s when he was asked to start performing in the church choir. He had been singing in the choir for 3 years and then at the age of 13, Stew and his friend McDonald produced their first remix of a popular song- just for the fun of it. It was a cover of “I am so paid” from Akon. McDonald had a home studio and played the piano while Stew rapped. After this, Stew didn’t have the opportunity or time to record and write songs for the next 5 years.  Rap music was no priority at that time as he was focusing on his high school degree. His dream was to become an actuarial scientist for an insurance company because outside of music he loved maths very much. Nevertheless in 2012 Stew released his first individual song “Wake up”. That was his first song where he was the song writer and vocalist at the same time. His first success was celebrated in 2013 when he released a remix of “Wake up”, that played on the radio in Zimbabwe. The same year Stew moved to Cape Town where he started working in a bar.

Stick to yourself

In 2016 Stew met a producer that saw him free-styling in a bar.  He sponsored him so that he could be able to release his first album on the 10th of March 2017. This first mixtape named “Taku” has 9 tracks. 200 CD´s that were produced and Stew gave them for free to his friends. At the same time he had another offer from a guy that was willing to sponsor him. Accordingly, he wanted him to change his personality and the way he is rapping. Stew chose to not to take the offer. He knew that this would have been his chance to become famous but he refused and chose to stick to his true self.

It´s not all about the money

Stew is not doing it for the money. Stew is not focusing on becoming famous with his music. All he wants is to affect someone in a positive way. Stew wants to be there for others. He wants them to listen to his music and he wants others to relate to his music. Although Stew is only 21 years, he is really mature. In his life he has gone through a lot and that´s why life has already taught him a lot. “All I want is to achieve is happiness and I want to have a little bit in my pocket to be able to give a better life to my children one day”. These are wise words spoken by a 21 year old. There are people much older than Stew which haven´t yet realised what is really important in this life.

Here you can listen to one of STG’dBoss´s songs:

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