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Ultimate Guide: Leipzig Germany

 This is on a boats tour in Leipzig.

Which cities have you been to in Germany?

Which cities are you planning to visit in Germany?

The most common replies to these questions of mine are:

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt


What about Leipzig Germany? For as long as I have been traveling the world I haven’t met many foreigners who have visited Leipzig, a city that is sort of like my hometown. One reason is that many foreigners have never even heard of Leipzig. For those people who have heard of this lively city, most underestimate it. I really think it is worth putting the largest city of Saxonia (600 000 inhabitants) on your bucket list while traveling Germany. Most of my close friends live in Leipzig and I have literally spent half of my life there as I grew up about 45 minutes away from Leipzig. When it comes to shopping, leisure and partying most of the time we would go to Leipzig.  That´s why I feel so connected to the city and why I know the cities hotspots off the beaten tracks quite well. 


Here I listed the reasons why I love Leipzig so much:


Leipzig´s Wild West (neighborhood Plagwitz/ Schleußig)


One of the up and coming neighborhood in Leipzig is the neighborhood Plagwitz and Schleußig, an area made up of old industrial buildings. These buildings were renovated and transformed into work and exhibition spaces, a playground for young creatives. What makes it really special is that the old charm of the industrial architecture has been maintained. One of the best examples is “Alte Spinnerei Leipzig” in Plagwitz.

This is Alte Spinnerei in Leipzig. The old factory complex “Alte Spinnerei”, which used to be an Old Cotton Factory back in the days is now home to more than 20 galleries. It is also hotspot for art, craft, architecture and design in Leipzig.

The old factory complex “Alte Spinnerei”, which used to be an Old Cotton Factory back in the day is now home to more than 20 galleries. It is also a hotspot for art, craft, architecture and design in Leipzig. In general, Leipzig has turned into a playground for young creatives and it is a paradise for art lovers.

Besides “Alte Spinnerei” in Plagwitz, these are other really good examples of where art is hosted in an astonishingly impressive location:

  • Kulturfabrik
  • Kunstkraftwerk
  • Kunstraum
  • Tapetenwerk Leipzig
  • Westwerk
  • Werk II



The main street of Plagwitz/Schleußig and one of the upcoming streets in Leipzig is Karl-Heine Street. This street is home to lots of local pubs, bars, trendy shops and restaurants.

Here are my recommendations of where to party, dine and meet locals in Plagwitz and Schleußig:

  • Elipamanoke – electronic music club
  • Täubchental – event location
  • Felsenkeller – event location/ restaurant
  • Besser Leben – bar
  • Kartoffelfräulein – restaurant
  • Kaiserbad – event location/ restaurant

Did you know that in Germany you are allowed to drink on the street? What Leipzig is also known for is the “Spätis”, which are little shops that are open until late and that sell all sort of alcoholic beverages.  A spectacular one is the “Späti” in Karl-Heine-Strasse next to “Westwerk”. It used to be a construction container. The owner even added a little chilling area with tables and chairs to make sure you get the most out of your “Späti” experience.


Besides Jol and Art Plagwitz and Schleußig have much more to offer. “Clara-Zetkin-Park”, which is the green lung of Leipzig with its trendy “Sachsenbrücke” (a meeting point) is located in that neighborhood as well. If you enjoy chilling, relaxing, singing and mingling with “Leipziger” – this is the perfect spot for you.

This is Clara-Zetkin-Park, which is the green lung of Leipzig with its trendy “Sachsenbrücke” (a meeting point) is located in that neighbourhood as well. If you enjoy chilling, relaxing, singing and mingling with “Leipziger” – this is the perfect spot for you.

For more on what you can explore in these 2 neighborhoods as well as the Venetian side of Leipzig, read more about it underneath “Leipzig New Lakeland”.



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Leipzig´s Alternative South (neighbourhood Südvorstadt/Connewitz)

The most famous street of Südvorstadt, “Karl Liebknecht Strasse” or “Karli” as locals refer to it, pulls thousands of locals into their bars and event locations every weekend. Karli stretches south down to Connewitz and connects both neighborhoods. Twice a year the street comes alive with “Karli Beben”, which is a huge street party where all the locations offer a variety of art, culture, markets and shows. Another big event you mustn’t miss when in Leipzig is “Honkytonk” which adapts the same idea for the entire city.

Here are my recommendations of where to party, dine and meet locals in Connewitz and Südvorstadt:

  • Gaststätte Kollektiv – a restaurant where you can experience the real East German Flair
  • Killi Willy – traditional Irish Pub
  • Löffelfamilie, Cafe Staubsauger – bars
  • Distillery – oldest electronic music club in Germany
  • IFZ, Club Velvet – clubs
  • Conne Island; Feinkost – event locations
  • Zum Wilden Heinz – restaurant
  • Hafenkneipe Leipzig – bar and Biergarten

My recommendation when it comes to shot’s: order a ‘”Gisela”.

This is Feinkost, an event location in Karl-Heine-Street in Leipzig.


Leipzig New Lakeland (Neuseenland)

The Venetian side of Leipzig

Do you know that Leipzig Germany has some parallels to Venice? The entire city is covered by a network of channels and rivers, which are connected to a huge lake area in the south.

This is Lake Störmthal one of the lakes in Leipzig New Lake Land.

The mining industry used to escalate coal in the area of Leipzig. What they left were many exploration cavitations. As a result of renaturalization, you can find a beautiful Lakeland area (about 22 lakes) connected through many channels and rivers. The water quality is of the highest purity. The variety of leisure and relaxation activities is endless. Especially in summertime, many locals spend their free time doing outdoor activities and water sports on the lakes shore. Going on a boat tour, relaxing on sandy beaches or dancing off your feet at any one of the huge festivals are more reason to spend the day or night at the lakes.

This is the beach at Lake Markkleeberg.

These are my favorite spots/events making mingling with locals on the Venetian Side of Leipzig easy:

  • Kulkwitzer See (Lake Kulkwitz has a waterski and wakeboard lift)
  • Schladitzer Bucht (Schladitzer Bay)
  • Störmthaler See: Lake Störmthaler which is known for its floating church and the Festival “Highfield”


This is Lake Störmthal with is known for its floating church.

  • Cospudener See (Lake Cospuden): Hacienda Beach Club (event and beach location)
  • Marina Lindenau: Westhafen (summer open air location)
  • Lake Groitzsch: Festival Zilp Zalp
  • Lake Großstolpen: Festival Summer Inspiration
  • TH!nK? Festival (one of the biggest day techno/ electronic festival in Middle Germany taking place on the shores of Lake Cospuden)


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When it comes to food and drinks

Here you can find my recommendations for local food and drinks:

  • Leipziger Lerche: a pastry from Leipzig, you can find it in almost every bakery in Leipzig

This is Leipziger Lerche which is a pastry from Leipzig. You can find it in almost every bakery in Leipzig.

  • Lipz: lemonade made in Leipzig in different flavors
  • Gose Brau: a beer that has been brewed in Leipzig for ages (my recommendation where to try it: Gosenschenke – also is known for its popular Biergarten)


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This is Leipzig in Saxonia, Germany. 


Explore Leipzig Germany like a local:

There are 2 ways locals usually get around in Leipzig:

by Bicycle

Leipzig is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities I have ever experienced. You can see locals riding bicycles everywhere. “Leipziger” not only use their bikes for leisure. In fact, they also use their bike for daily transportation. Take note to always observe and make way for bike riders especially when driving a car.

by Tram

Leipzig has a well-developed network of trams, which is used by locals a lot.



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Accommodation in Leipzig  – Where to sleep:

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You still need more convincing that Leipzig Germany is worth a visit?

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As usual, all opinions are my own!

Have you been to Leipzig Germany? What did you love the most? Let me know in the comments.

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