Meet Locals

Meet Locals from all over the world

Meet Locals

Travelling is not only about seeing new places, eating unknown food, learning foreign languages and getting to know unfamiliar cultures. For me travelling is also about the people I meet during my trips. I strongly believe that you can only get to know a country by meeting its locals. Locals have also put me in touch with some of the best food in a local restaurant, which I would not have found on my own. In every country I try to connect with them as every person I have met so far taught me something new.

Moreover, I also came to the realization that it isn´t always easy for us to understand someone else’s behaviour or other cultures and traditions. The reason for that is simple. We grew up or were raised in a different way. That’s why I started the category “Meet Locals”. In this category you can find a sample of impressive and inspiring people that I met during my trips. You will get an idea of what life in other parts of this world is all about and the challenges they have to face and deal with. By sharing these stories I hope to create more acceptance as well as more understanding amongst each other and for each other’s cultures. Enjoy reading.


Locals from South Africa: Meet Asanda

meet locals

Asanda, a black South African Xhosa woman became my best friend when I moved to South Africa. She comes from a small black community and has always loved to hang out with people from all over the world. That also means that she has many friends, who do not share her skin colour. For being like that she was harshly judged by her community and had to endure and overcome a lot.

Click here to read how Asanda overcame those difficulties and how the Apartheid system influenced South Africa.


Meet Eminem from Malawi, Africa

Malawi people

I met Eminem, a local Malawian by accident. He is a young, always smiling man from a beach town on Lake Malawi. He taught me that even if you barely have something, you can still acquire new skills every day.

Click here to read his story and to find out why so many people in Malawi have a funny nickname.


Meet Matthias from South Tyrol, Italy

meet locals

In South Tyrol I got introduced to different locals. One of them was Matthias. He is an apple farmer and makes his own spirits. Matthias thought me about community and values in South Tyrol and showed me how he is securing his and his family’s life.

Click here to read his story.


Meet Cojea, a local South African

meet locals

I met Cojea, a young Xhosa man, 3 years ago. He grew up in one of the biggest townships in South Africa. His dream was to become a tour guide in South Africa to clarify misconceptions about the life in a township. With passion and dedication he managed to now make a living with that.

Click here to read his story.


Locals from Belgium, Europe: Meet Jade

meet locals

Have you heard of  “Folkbalkancircusgypsyswingmeteenbeetjecowboychaos”? I met Jade, a member of a band from Belgium, 2 years ago. This is the genre of the music they make and which myself and Belgium people really enjoy.

Click here to find out if you like her music as much as I do.


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Meet Nicky – a Greek local, Europe

meet locals

Have you ever met someone that speaks 7 languages? I haven’t, before I met Nicky. She was my host mom when I first came to South Africa.

Click here to read why she ended up in South Africa and why she speaks that many languages.



Meet Samson from Malawi, Africa

This is Samson from Cape Maclear Malawi. He is a chef at a restarant in a hostel at Cape Maclear Malawi.

Samson is a chef in a backpacker that is located on the shores of Lake Malawi. We got in touch due to the yummy Fish Curry he prepared, see what I mean about local food.:-)

Click here to read his story and how the education system in Malawi works.


Meet Sieglinde from South Tyrol, Italy

meet locals

Do you know how to make cheese? After meeting Sieglinde from the mountains in South Tyrol, Italy I can tell you. Aside from that, she showed me what life as a farmer in South Tyrol is all about.

Click here to read her story.


Meet Neil a local South African, Africa

meet locals

Neil is a really creative goldsmith from Cape Town. He always says that he is not making jewellery, he is creating a personal experience. Looking at his creations, you will understand what he is talking about.

Click here to check out his work and his story.


Meet STG´d Boss from Zimbabwe, Africa

meet locals

When Stew aka STG´dBoss told me his story, he actually made me cry. He is a rapper originated from Zimbabwe on his way to find happiness.

Click here to read about him.


Meet Lerato a local South African, Africa

meet locals

Do you have a dream? I am pretty sure you have. Are you still working on it or have you already reached your goal? In Cape Town I met Lerato, a passionate photographer. She is the best example that if you have dreams and you work hard on them, your effort will pay off.

Click here to read her story.


Which inspiring person have you met during your travels? Please let me know in the comments!

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