10 Things to do in Kilifi

This is the Kilifi creek. Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya.

These are my favourite things to do in East Africa in Kilifi, Kenia

To most people, Kenya is probably known as a perfect safari destination but the country in East Africa has a lot more to offer: endless white beaches is one more reason to visit Kenya. During my 10 day trip in Kenya, I spent 4 nights in Kilifi, a town about 60 km north of Mombasa. Besides the stunningly beautiful beaches, the coastal town has much more to explore. Hence, I put together a list of 10 things to do and see in Kilifi.

These are my favorite things to do and see in Kilifi:

1. Explore the town of Kilifi

Check out the local shops, buy some fresh fruits and vegetables and eat out in a local restaurant. Kilifi isn´t that big but fun to explore.

2. Visit Vuma Cliffs

Vuma Cliffs is about an 30 minutes drive from Kilifi. It is a spectacular scenery of huge waves crashing against wild rough cliffs. The best way of going there is by Tuc Tuc. My advise: rent a Tuc Tuc driver for the day and combine the visit with a tour through Takaungu, a village where you can experience real Swahili culture.

Visit Vuma Cliffs, a spectacular scenery of huge waves crashing against wild rough cliffs

3. Admire the Bioluminescence Plankton at the Kilifi creek

The planktons are tiny single-cell organisms that create a very unusual and beautiful virtual display that can only be found in a few places in the world. Unfortunately, it’s really tough to capture it with a camera unless you are a professional photographer.

4. Chill and sunbath at the endless Bofa Beach

Imagine a white, sandy beach, stretching for kilometres – welcome to Bofa Beach. Besides chilling on the most stunning beach of Kilifi, don´t miss out on doing some water sport @ 3 Degree South.

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This is Kilifi, a coastal town in Kenya. You can see Bofa Beach and the Kilifi Creek.

5. Do some yoga and pilates at ´The Creek Club´

The Creek Club is a fitness and leisure center.

6. Visit ´The Musafir Dhow´

The Musafir Dhow is an amazing project to create a platform for the message of freedom, peace and unity. Find more details here.

This is the Musafir Dhow. The Musafir Dhow is an amazing project, a platform for the message of peace, freedom and unity. I visited Poalo, one of the founders, to see what amazing people have created the past 6 years.

7. Watch the sunset, have dinner and Mnazi (palmwine) at Giriama Paradise (Fumbini)

Giriama Paradise also known as Fumbini is a beautiful spot, where locals set up sort of a restaurant. We had super yummy food and palmwine (Mnazi) while watching the sunset. Especially in the coastal region of Kenya Mnazi is a famous drink but be careful: the older the wine the more drunk you can get.

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8. Visit Takaungu

Takaungu is a small village next to Kilifi, where you can experience real Swahili culture. We had a local showing us around. For everyone that wants to get to know more about the Swahili culture a visit in this village is a must.

This is in Takaungu, a village close to Kilifi where you can experience real Swahili culture.

9. Party at ´Vogue´ or ´De Coffee Pub´

´Vogue´ and ´De Coffee Pub´are local clubs/ pubs, where you can party till late.

10. Go on a sunset cruise

There are plenty of companies offering sunset cruises. I went on a tour with Captain Issa – was a lot of fun 🙂

This is on a dhow in Kenya watching the sunset.

How to get to Kilifi?

From Mombasa I took public transport (Matatu) to get to Kilifi. I got dropped off at the main road and then took a Boda Boda (motorbike) to get to my hostel. You can also get an uber from Mombasa to Kilifi or let your lodge/ backpackers arrange a taxi for you. My advise: only use public transport during the day!

Where to stay in Kilifi?

My favorite place to stay: Distant Relatives, an amazing eco-lodge. Check it out! By the way the backpacker in Kilfi also hosts one of Kenya’s most popular New Year’s Eve Party. Don´t miss out on that if you are around at this time.

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